Laguna Niguel Little League – Important Dates

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Baseball News

2014 Bat Specifications

For the Little League Major Baseball Division and below:
The moratorium on composite-barreled baseball bats remains in effect. However, some composite-barreled baseball bats that have been proven in laboratory testing to meet the BPF (Bat Performance Factor) standard throughout the life of the bat, through the Accelerated Break-In (ABI) process, have received waivers. That list is here:

Coach’s Corner

A toolbox for coaches

Here you will find some useful
information to make your season a great one.


Safety Code for Little League

Laguna Niguel Little League (LNLL)
is committed to safety. Board members, managers, coaches and parents need to ensure that our players have a safe environment to play baseball in.

Latest topics

Important Dates for LNLL

Mark your calendar Oct 1: online Spring registration begins Nov 8 & 15: in person spring registration, 9-12 at Chap Dec 6: AA/AAA tryouts Dec 13: Intermediate/Juniors tryouts...
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