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By LNLL, 08/16/17, 11:00AM PDT


Several years ago, with significant encouragement from our parent District (District 55), Laguna Niguel Little League changed from offering the Majors Division to the Intermediate Division for league age 11 and 12 year olds. While the Intermediate Division of play has been a solid offering for our league, the Board of Directors began to collect and evaluate information over the last year related to the divisions of play as a result of Little League’s recent changes to league ages brackets (effectively making the brackets younger), feedback from LNLL parents, and decisions by other leagues to once again offer the Major’s Division for League Age 11 and 12 year olds.


After careful consideration, LNLL is pleased to announce that we will be offering the Majors Division for league age 11 and 12 year olds for the Spring of 2018.  We are also pleased to announce that we will be offering the Intermediate Division for league age 13 year olds for the Spring of 2018.


The Majors Division (Little League Division) is the division of baseball played in the Little League World Series (LLWS) in Williamsport, PA.  Majors is a fast game with six innings of play and, starting in 2018, will allow bats with 2  5/8” barrels.  The Majors division is offered by many of our neighboring leagues and districts; in fact, one of our local leagues (Rancho Santa Margarita LL) will be playing in the LLWS starting Friday, August 18!


Some of the primary benefits of moving to Majors will be greater focus on key fundamentals of baseball and shorter length of games (important for weeknight games).  In addition, we believe our teams will be more competitive during interleague, TOC, and All-Star games.  By offering Majors, our league will also be able to field more All Star teams and provide a greater number of our players the opportunity to play in an All Star Tournament.  Most importantly, we believe the Majors Division will provide our players and families an opportunity to have fun playing together in a style of baseball best suited for a recreational league.

Questions & Answers

Q: My son will be league age 12 for the 2018 spring season, and he played in the Intermediate Division this past spring. Will he be able to play in the Intermediate Division for Spring 2018?
A: LNLL will be offering the Majors Division for all league age 12 year olds. We strongly believe this will provide a very competitive division that will help with player development and, most importantly, will allow all players to play with their friends in the same division.
Q: Will the Majors Division require a different bat?
A: Yes. However, all divisions of play may now use bats with 2 5/8” barrels but will be required to carry the new USA bat logo. All bats currently used in Little League will no longer be allowed for play starting January 1, 2018. More information regarding permissible bats will be provided to LNLL members in the coming weeks.
Q: Will LNLL be offering the Juniors Division since league age 13 year olds will now be allowed to play in the Intermediate Division?
A: Yes, we anticipate offering a Juniors Division, subject to the level of interest from our players. League Age 13 year olds will have the option to play in the Intermediate Division or be eligible for the Juniors Division.