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Staying Ahead of the Curve
with Rausch Physical Therapy
By Jonathan Meltzer, PT, DPT
The new baseball season is just around the corner and let me help all you coaches, parents and athletes stay ahead of the curve!!! Over the past seven years I have been developing injury prevention programs to help protect youth baseball leagues in the area. Within my treatments of ball players and research I can understand the importance of trying to reverse the exponential growth of youth baseball arm injuries.
It looks like I am not the only one getting involved. Major league baseball launched a Pitch Smart program designed to bring more awareness to Little League baseball. In an effort to look through their program they touch base
  • Pitching Guidelines
  • Risk Factors
  • Questions about Tommy John Surgery
  • Who is on the advisory board
  • Out of all the risk factors that determine the likely cause of an injury; the number 1 is pitching TOO much in a game or a given year. More and More research is coming out each month about the correlation of throwing too much and arm injuries in little league athletes.
  • If you pitch more than 100 innings in a year whether little league, club or showcase it will increase risk of injury 3.5x.
  • If you pitch greater than 8 months in a year it will increase risk of surgery by 5x. This means surgery, the amount for injury as a result of throwing more than 8 months is significantly higher.
  • Kids should take off about 2-3 months of competitive pitching in a year and engage in other sports or active rest where they are using their arms but not in a pitching motion
  • We as medical professionals need to transfer this information to the public so a change can be made to the old traditional thinking of coaching.
    This initiative by USA baseball and the MLB prove to me and hopefully the rest of parents and coaches how crucial injury prevention is. I want to take the information that I have acquired to prevent, rehab and treat the youth of little league baseball.
    Here is the link to the pitch smart initiative. If there are any questions or comments please refer to my e-mail and I will be happy to answer them. I am also available to assess, rehab and treat your young ball players. MLB Pitch Smart
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